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Thank you, Nancy, for posting. I think it’s safe to say that we’re back.
And if there is one thing that’s clear from reading the Parker article it’s that a few conservative Christians haven’t quite learned the right lessons from the debacle of 2008. Are there really people out there who still believe that Mitt Romney’s core problem was that he wasn’t pro-family enough?
As we sit here today, with perhaps the most pro-abortion politician in American history presiding over a financial meltdown, and with his “we are the world” diplomacy being greeted by North Korean missiles, I guess some quarters of conservative Christianity can take great satisfaction in knowing they helped defeat a pro-life candidate whose economic expertise was unmatched by any candidate of either party because . . . he hadn’t been pro-life long enough.
I note with some interest that the radio host you refer to below, Nancy, is based out of Iowa . . . the same Iowa whose Supreme Court voted unanimously to recognize same-sex marriage. Perhaps this disturbing development will remind him and others that the battle for these social issues is hard, the odds against us lengthen, and perhaps it is more than a little counterproductive to punish and ridicule those courageous few political leaders who are have grown more pro-family over the years, not less.

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