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Just a quick though about 2012 strategy (should the best candidate choose to run). I think he needs to emphasize “real success.” Virtually any person that may run against him (Huckabee, Palin, Jindal, etc.) is a successful politician. By that, I mean that they have succeeded quite well in the profession of politics. They win races, they hold office, and they achieve political accomplishments (I don’t knock that; if someone said, “David, you need to become governor of Tennessee,” I’d barely know where to begin to make that happen), but for any of them it is hard to say that they succeeded outside of politics in a real and substantial way.
If the 2012 race breaks down the way I think it will — with the country facing economic conditions substantially worse than they were throughout 2008 — then there is going to have to be an emphasis on results. (And no, not the “reformer with results” nonsense that emphasizes political achievements.) The “results” that will matter will include jobs created and financial crises solved. Republicans will have to cut through the fog of Obama’s considerable rhetorical skills to emphasize the facts on the ground — and how they’ll change for the better with one of our own at the helm.
To make that argument most effectively, you need a track record. And who’s got a better track record on these points than Mitt Romney?

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