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Less than you might think.
Charity Navigator’s Ken Berger was on FOX Business Channel regarding Presidential and Vice Presidential family charitable giving. His report was fascinating.
Watch it here.
Mr. Berger later elaborated in the comments section of his blog:

…the Obama family gives less than any Presidents family we have looked at going back to President Bush Sr.
In addition, Obama family giving to churches this past year (although the family’s overall giving was at a record level percentage of income for them) was a hundred dollars or so here and there. Whereas his giving to human service agencies and others averaged $5,000 each.
The Obama family has had income in the top 1% of wage earners in the US for many years. Yet, their giving up until Barack became a Senator, was less than 1%. That is way below average (3%). I leave it to you to decide whether or not that is acceptable.
I agree that giving is a personal decision and each family has to make their own choices based on their circumstances. In addition, giving involves both time and treasure. The tax return does not tell the story of volunteering.
…Having said that, Barack Obama is a public figure and is expected to be a role model for others. He has stated that giving should be based on benevolence. Yet in that regard, the Obama’s fit the pattern of conservatives vs. liberals. That is, conservatives tend to give more money to charity.

CORRECTION: I originally referred to the Vice President in the title as “Cheney.” (Must’ve been wishful thinking!) Actually Vice President Cheney has given millions — the largest sum of American public officials.

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