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Charles, a fascinating post below. If it weren’t sad it would almost be amusing to see the lengths people will go to (a) win races; and (b) copy strategies from other contests. Let me get this reasoning . . . because a man became pro-life 14 years ago as a result of one of the pro-life movements primary strategies (having folks actually hear their child’s heartbeat and see the child in an ultrasound), he’s somehow suspect. That kind of thinking turns the conservative movement into a tribal identity . . . you’re either born into it or not legitimate — almost as if it’s better to speak the “language of Zion” as a “mother tongue and not a recently acquired second language.
Ahh well, one of the great things about the real world and real life is that self-defeating strategies are ultimately . . . defeated. One day we shall look back on the conservative era of “holding out for a hero.” and just shake our heads. Until then, however, we’ll continue to reject good men, lose elections, and feel mighty good about ourselves while doing it.
P.S. I’m back from my three weeks of service in Italy . . . what a beautiful place. As I worked at the foot of the Alps, I kept thinking back to where I was this time last year and feeling quite blessed.

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