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From the Daily News:

Now comes the real blockbuster election – one that will hinge just as much on complex demographic, technological and geographic factors as last year’s epic presidential battle.
We are talking, of course, about “American Idol,” the season finale of which will begin Tuesday night and end Wednesday night with the crowning of a new Idol.
Theories abound over who has the inside edge – the neo-glam, San Diego-bred Adam Lambert, 27, or the younger, more down-home Kris Allen, 23, of Conway, Ark.
Veteran political consultants say the 2008 presidential election is a useful prism through which to view this high-profile faceoff.
“The profiles of Adam and Kris suggest that this is really a red state versus blue state showdown,” suggested Chris Lehane, a California-based political consultant who worked on the presidential campaigns of Al Gore and John Kerry.

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David and Charles, call it! Who do you want to win, who do you think will win?
NANCY: I want Chris to win (although I go back and forth). I predict Chris will win.
DAVID: By “Chris” do you mean Kris? I go back and forth as well. Their styles are so different, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. However, when you download their best performances on iTunes (yes I have), Kris’s hold up better to repeat listenings. So . . . Kris it is (and should be).
I’d rather see Adam in concert, however.
CHARLES?: Aw, come on, guys! You know how clueless I am about this…
NANCY ADDS: Sorry, “Kris.” He seems like a great guy, and I’d listen to his music — but he isn’t as exciting, for sure. It this a bad sign?

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