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We here at EFM love to get reader mail and my Huckabee post below filled my mailbox! Here’s a sampling. From Arizona:

My dad always emphasized the importance of learning where candidates stood on the important issues and voting for the one whose views best aligned with mine. Never once did he say “Look for the guy who worships where we do”. It was all about skills and views and who would govern wisely.
Certainly in some cases I was aware of the candidate’s religion. If he or she happened to share my faith (LDS) it was probably not a bad place to start. But I always tried to look further to understand their values and positions and consider what they would do in office. I don’t think I’ve ever eliminated a candidate because his or her religion was the wrong flavor. I’m pretty sure my votes went to those of many faiths, not that I always knew. Where they worshiped was not my major concern. The topic at hand was government, not religion.
Then Huckabee came along and turned things upside down. He used religion to divide and conquer. He reminded people who they’re supposed to marginalize. For Huckabee, religion is a valid reason to eliminate a candidate. He was always clever and subtle the way he pulled it off. But his campaign was a live demonstration of religious bigotry, and the founding fathers would not have been proud.
Even though there is part of me that knows Huckabee is basically decent in many ways, and he and I are on the same page on many issues, the above-mentioned flaw is a problem for me. I only hope he fades early so he isn’t part of the equation in 2012.

And from California:

With Sarah Palin as the perceived front-runner, I wonder how long it will be before Huck shoots himself in the foot trying to make a funny about Sarah in order to gain an advantage.
He was able to get away with it with Romney because so many evangelicals don’t like Mormons. But they love Sarah!
Huck should play it smart and say only kind things about Governor Palin. But he won’t be able to help himself. Eventually he will say something stupid about Sarah or Alaska and bring down some major whoopus on himself.
Personally I am a Mitt supporter so long as he abandons any moderate baggage. I would love to see Mitt and Sarah together. Best looking ticket in the history of America.

Well, I am not sure what a “whoopus” is, or what it would feel like to have a lot of it brought down. However, I love hearing from you readers as we go through this journey together!

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