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Speaking of Mark’s Civility Project, it made me think of all the interesting mail David and I got during the campaign. Since we are Presbyterians – and wrote about our home church quite frequently – we often got letters and e-mails from concerned Christians who lamented our support of Gov. Romney. They sometimes were thoughtful, serous letters, detailing deep reservations about the theology of it all. Many, however, contained rude, insulting accusations – including such imaginative charges as that the Romneys had bought us out, we were secretly Mormons, and that we had faked membership at our church. Thankfully, Zion Presbyterian gives two things to those who place membership – a commemorative plate and a plot in the church graveyard. When my pastor even got mail about this, he assured everyone we had our “plate and plot.”
Ironically, the most disparaging, uncivil e-mails were signed with the automatic signature line they’d created for their friends. This made for amusing endings, with sentences like, “And I hope you don’t die as a cult-loving sell-out or you’ll go straight to hell… which is what you deserve” followed by the automatic signature, “In Christian Love, Walter.”

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