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Charles, thank you for your heart-felt post. I have always liked Sarah Palin (well, ever since I knew who she was). She’s been subjected to an appalling avalanche of the worst kinds of criticisms but has largely maintained good cheer and has stuck to her core principles. Critically, she and her family live out their values, whether those values are pro-life or patriotic. In fact, she is the ONLY reason why I voted for John McCain. Although I used to be a fan of McCain, primarily because of his compelling biography, his indifference to economic affairs, his contempt for his fellow Republicans (and especially for Christian conservatives), his joy at wrecking the First Amendment, and his ham-handed method of campaigning led me to believe that he would be a terrible president. So when people ask me about my vote in ’08, I always answer, only half in jest, “I voted for Sarah Palin.”
Look, I think Mitt Romney should have been our nominee. I think he should have been McCain’s VP pick. But does that mean I have to root for Sarah Palin to fail? Of course not. Frankly, I’m tired of seeing conservatives flounder on the national stage. I wanted her to succeed, and I still want her to succeed.
But I’m not sure that she will, at least not in the near term. Her resignation just raises so many questions. I don’t see it as a great way to launch a national run and in fact I see it as something that she’ll have to overcome in the short run. At the moment, I’m just hoping she’s resigning for good reasons (I liked James Taranto’s take.)
So, I wish her well in the next phase of her life, and I fervently hope that she will have some time to rest and recover from what have been perhaps the most vicious personal attacks I have ever seen.

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