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While Massachusetts voters may vote Republican to save their home-state fiscal hides, they have a decades-long record of sending Ted Kennedy and John Kerry to the Senate. These guys were and are no ordinary liberals. In Kennedy’s case, his senate office was the home of cutting-edge political liberal thought inside the beltway. In Kerry’s case, he personifies follow-the-leader fashionable urban leftism.
With the filibuster-proof majority at stake (much less the Kennedy legacy) does anyone honestly think that Massachusetts voters would be likely to send Mitt Romney to the Senate? Now, if he was needed to save their financial bacon (again) in the state house, that might be possible. But senate? Not a chance.
In fact, the whole things smells a bit like one of those silly political tricks that occupy the chattering classes during off-years. “Let’s float Mitt for Senate, and if he takes the bait, then he’s done in ’012, and if he doesn’t we’ll say he ran away from a challenge!”

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