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…by using this video to slam him, along with President Obama, about abortion.
By lumping Gov. Romney into the same camp as President Obama, of course, Huckabee accomplishes what he intended: marring, once again, the Governor’s name and record.
However, you might not be surprised to know that Huckabee is not telling the entire truth. To help understand what went down in Massachusetts, please see information from this press release:

FACT: The Massachusetts Health Plan Benefits Package Was Developed By The Connector Authority – An Independent Body Separate From The Governor’s Office. Unfortunately, Under State Law And Court Precedent, If The State Is Funding Health Care Benefits It Cannot Refuse To Provide Abortion Coverage:
The Commonwealth Care Package Is Designed And Administered By The Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority. “The Connector administers two separate programs; Commonwealth Care andCommonwealth Choice. Commonwealth Care offers subsidized insurance to people whose annual incomes are up to 300% or the Federal Poverty Level.” (Commonwealth Connector Official Website,, Accessed 2/5/07)
The Commonwealth Heath Insurance Connector Authority Is An Independent Public Authority And Their Decisions Were Made Separate Of The Romney Administration. “The Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority is an independent public authority created to implement significant portions of the new landmark health care reform legislation. The Connector assists qualified Massachusetts adult residents with the purchase of affordable health care coverage if they don’t already have it.” (Commonwealth Connector Official Website,, Accessed 2/5/07)
In 1981, The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Ruled That The State Constitution Required Payment For Abortion Services For Medicaid-Eligible Women. (Moe v. Secretary of Admin & Finance, 1981)
According To The Decision, When A State Subsidizes Medical Care, It Cannot Infringe On “The Exercise Of A Fundamental Right” Which The Court Interpreted As Access To Medically Necessary Abortion Services. (Moe v. Secretary of Admin & Finance, 1981)
In 1997, The Supreme Judicial Court Reaffirmed Its Position That A State-Subsidized Plan Must Offer “Medically Necessary Abortions.” (Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Inc. v. Attorney General, 1997)

In other words, Gov. Romney did something quite amazing, even in hostile territory. Since Huck tries to cast doubt on Gov. Romney’s record on social issues, however, it simply proves a few things.
1. Huck is playing from 2008′s play book
2. Huck is a one note song — when political conversation veers away from why he loves Jesus, whether God created the world, and social issues, he appears to be way over his head.
3. Huck detests Romney — probably feels that if it weren’t for him, we’d have a President Huckabee right now. (stop laughing!)
4. Huck has a tenuous grasp on the truth. Or rather, he molds it to fit his purpose.
5. Huck cares more about his own political aspirations than actually getting people to become pro-life. Otherwise, he’d be thrilled that Gov. Romney, and others like him, are now pro-life.
In fact, — I know this is soo 2008, but Huck needs a refresher — Gov. Romney has proven his belief in the sanctity of life many times over. He is a “convert” to the pro-life position, much like Ronald Reagan, believes life begins at conception even though his church has no official position on the matter, vetoed a bill to give kids access to emergency contraception without parents’ knowledge, promised a “moratorium” on changes to abortion laws in his 2002 gubernatorial run, opposes Roe v. Wade and thinks states should set abortion policy, opposes cloning of human embryos for stem cell research—even though his wife has multiple sclerosis, and vetoed a bill to expand such research despite the overwhelmingly hostile liberal majority in his state legislature.
Sorry for the long post, but sometimes the whole truth can’t get out there in mere sound bites.

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