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David, I’ve gotten a ton of e-mails from folks saying they put your name on their church’s (or temple’s) prayer roll. You are well-loved! (Or, maybe they were simply getting annoyed by the constant updates. Nothing like a good dose of swine flu information to get the morning off to a good start.)
Nevertheless, today is a new day! I think both David and Camille are going to be a great deal better… when they finally get up.
Anyway, back to politics, if everyone’s had their fill of H1N1 scoop.
This article suggests that Gov. Romney should run for Senate in Massachusetts. Wouldn’t that be a full-circle?

It would be an intriguing thing if, after waiting a day or two out of respect for the late senator, Romney were to downshift and announce he will be a candidate in the upcoming election to fill Kennedy’s vacant Senate seat.
Such an announcement would likely be embraced immediately by the Republicans, who would like almost nothing more than to deny Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada his new, hard-won, 60-vote, filibuster-proof majority. As a self-funding candidate who has already been elected once statewide, Romney has nearly 100 percent name ID. And, in an environment where President Obama seems to be dragging the Democrats down, he would be a serious threat to the Democratic hegemony in Massachusetts’s congressional delegation. Meaning Romney likely would win.
If he did, Romney would then have a platform to actually introduce legislation modeled on the proposals he put forward as a presidential candidate in 2008 and planned to put forward in 2012. No guesswork. No empty rhetoric. Real ideas, on the Senate floor, that could be evaluated, debated, and perhaps even voted on.
From the Senate floor, Romney could show his fellow Republicans, and the country, just what kind of president he would be. How he would approach national problems. As an added political benefit, it would give him the opportunity to establish true conservative bona fides allowing him to finally overcome the suspicions many conservatives in the GOP’s primary electorate still harbor about him. Rather than tie him down, Romney could actually use the Senate seat to lock up the GOP nomination in 2012.

Wow. What do you guys think?

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