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After eight days, I am now fever-free and actually walking around the house! So I’m going to use my new-found burst of energy to, well, blog. Nancy, I’ve got a couple thoughts from some of your recent postings, so here goes:
1. What a tremendous and classy statement from Governor Romney on Ted Kennedy’s passing. I admire the Governor’s ability to put aside old hurts and pay tribute to old foes. Our long-term health as a democracy to a great extent depends on our ability to treat our political opponents with dignity and respect. Scripture speaks of loving your enemies, but at the end of the day Ted Kennedy was not our enemy, but a fellow American — with profound flaws, of course — who dedicated much of his life to doing what he thought was right and just for his fellow citizens. One can spend a mere 90 seconds surveying the world political scene to realize that there are far worse political opponents out there than Ted Kennedy. The Governor gets this, and I appreciate that about him.
2. Nancy, we need to make sure that our readers know that we don’t belong to the much more liberal Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). We’re part of the theologically conservative Presbyterian Church in America that split off from its big brother some time ago. There are many wonderful, faithful Christians in the PC-USA, but we’re not among them. In fact, I don’t think the PC-USA would consider itself to be a part of the broader evangelical movement.
3. Just throwing this out there (at complete random) . . . I know that Obama’s approval ratings are plummeting, but isn’t some of the conservative crowing at his political demise a bit premature? After all, Ronald Reagan started off his presidency with a quite deep recession. Any economic turnaround (and I believe one is coming; it just won’t be a strong as it would have been with better economic policies) is going to inflate Obama’s poll numbers right back up again — especially with the press ultimately lavishing him with praise for “turning things around.” We’re in for a long, hard road with the Obama presidency, so watching poll numbers at this point is downright dangerous.

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