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Nancy, thanks for the gentle reminder to weigh in on Gov. Romney’s endorsement of Pat Toomey. You’re right, this is a terribly important race, and not just for those of us who are really Pennsylvanians.
For those who don’t follow the ins and outs of politics in the Keystone State, here’s the story. Toomey was elected to Congress in a swing district in the Allentown area in 1998. He promised to serve no more than three terms, and he kept his pledge. In fact, rather than running for reelection in 2004, he challenged Sen. Arlen Specter in the Republican primary, attracting huge support from conservative activists (including yours truly). All the party insiders, including then-President George W. Bush and then-Senator Rick Santorum, vocally supported Sen. Specter. President Bush and Sen. Santorum in particular did fundraiser after fundraiser, swearing that Sen. Specter was the man they needed in the Senate:

Their help was pivotal: In the end, Sen. Specter won the primary by less than a point. He then defeated then-Rep. Joe Hoeffel in the general election pretty handily.
All of this, of course, is particularly hilarious in retrospect. Sen. Specter stood by while Sen. Santorum was overwhelmingly defeated just two years later. And now — after Sen. Specter left the Republican Party on account of his poor poll numbers — President Obama can be found saying the exact same things his predecessor said five years ago about Sen. Specter’s being a loyal member of the party and the ally he needs in the world’s greatest deliberative body. And, best of all, Sen. Specter has another well-funded, formidable congressman from southeastern Pennsylvania challenging him in the Democratic primary: Joe Sestak, who is now within four percent in the polls.
But back to Pat Toomey. He’s a true-blue conservative across the board, and he knows how to explain his views. Liberal Republicans have never liked him, because he tends to stand on principle. And when Sen. Specter left the party, blaming Toomey, liberals started casting about for an opponent to Toomey. They haven’t come up with one, and the party is coming together behind him. Not only that, he’s doing a great job. The polls are close, and he just raised $1.5 million. Sen. Specter is bragging that he raised more ($1.82 million), but consider that more than half of that came from a fundraiser with President Obama.
What’s my point? Gov. Romney made an excellent choice. Pat Toomey not only has the right views; he’s articulate and he knows how to run a campaign. He deserves the support of right-thinking folks across the country.
And one other thing, just because. Did you see the article in yesterday’s Washington Post, not about campaign cash, but about Carey Cash? He seems to be an amazing individual, and it seems the President is hearing quite a bit of his preaching. Take a look.

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