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It is simply remarkable how thin-skinned he seems to be. Reading the Politico article Nancy links below, I count swipes at Romney (of course, he’s Huckabee’s Great White Whale), Sarah Palin supporters, and a particularly vicious attack against the Club for Growth, where he calls them “repulsive” and essentially accuses them of corruption (“pay for play”). Then there’s this nugget: “Huckabee reads everything written about him and asks his daughter to explain attacks on the obscurest blogs.”
Governor Huckabee, don’t read everything written about you. On the public figure scale, you’re one of the most prominent politicians on the planet. Oceans of ink are going to be spilled about you, and much of that will come from sources who are either (i) deranged; (ii) haters; or (iii) both. You can find virtually anything on the internet. Don’t pay attention to all of it, and only respond (or reflect upon) criticism from credible outlets and serious people. Thoughtful criticism is valuable, and I’ve learned from it in my personal and professional life. But vicious insults and schoolyard taunts? I can’t think of a scenario where reading them is worth one second of time.
Second, you’ve got to develop a thicker skin. I know some Club for Growth folks, and I believe they oppose you because they’ve got different economic ideas and don’t want to see your populism become the face of the Republican party. That’s politics. They attack with some strong words. That’s politics also. Also, there are differences between you and Sarah Palin. As others have noted she’s more libertarian than you, and you don’t seem to like libertarians. So there are actually principled reasons to prefer Sarah Palin — it doesn’t just come down to looks.
Finally, I don’t want my president (or my Republican nominee) spending his days reading or worrying about personal attacks. They’re going to come no matter what. Perhaps Politico’s reporting is flawed, but the portrait painted in their profile is not of a man with a presidential temperament.

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