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I’ve been traveling for a week and unable to weigh in on much of anything, but I’m back now, and I just can’t get this terrible clemency issue off my mind. Here’s why: I’m tired of gullible leadership. I’m tired of seeing leaders deceived by evil. Bill Clinton spent eight years wining and dining Yassir Arafat and pushing the Isrealis to make massive concessions as part of an effort to bring a lasting peace, but then we’re left with the embassy bombings, the USS Cole bombing, the Second Intifada, and — worst of all — the 9/11 plot in progress.
As much as I love George Bush, his (and his defense secretary’s) excessively rosy picture of a post-invasion Iraq led to an understrength invasion army, bad tactics, and an escalating insurgency.
As for Barack Obama . . . where to begin? It seems as if he may have actually believed his own rhetoric — that a change in leadership would somehow cause countries to act not in their perceived national interest but instead out of love for the new American “change.” So far the force of his personality has not led to any increased cooperation in Afghanistan, Iran is still working on the bomb, and jihadists are trying to kill us with the same zeal that they had under Clinton and Bush.
We need leaders who understand that evil is evil, that political leaders are not well-suited to change hearts, and their first responsibility is not to inspire the masses but to do their best to protect the public. And that’s where Huckabee’s ridiculous — and now horrific –clemency legacy comes into play. His record gives every indication that he’s hopelessly gullible in the face of evil. And he may even be a bit arrogant.
Look, I don’t question Governor Huckabee’s motives. I’m sure he thought he was giving people a second chance, but where does he get the belief that he is — not once, not twice, but literally hundreds of times — better at justice than prosecutors, judges, and juries?
I don’t want a president that can be taken in by evil. I don’t want a legislator, a mayor, or even a dogcatcher with that kind of record. I’m sorry, Governor, but gullible leaders get people killed.

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