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CNN describes the above as a defense of Huckabee’s too-liberal clemency:

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney defended Mike Huckabee’s clemency decision that allegedly led to the shooting death of four police officers in Washington state.

In actuality, I think he’s actually being gracious and conscientious during this tragedy. Note that he said he believed Huckabee would’ve made a different decision had he known the result, that the former Arkansas Governor was a good man, and that our thoughts now should be with the families of the fallen police officers… not noting how this will all play politically. (Sorry, Gov, about the below post which speculates on who benefits politically.)
Gov. Romney also notes that – in his four years as governor – he did not pardon or commute a single sentence.
This doesn’t excuse Huckabee — or even come across as a defense. Once again, Gov. Romney demonstrates class and grace as he discusses his former opponent. expresses sorrow for all the people who are hurting because of the fact that Maurice Clemmons was given a freedom he didn’t deserve.
And — even though his public statements seem calculated to dodge responsibility — one has to believe that includes Gov. Huckabee.
UPDATE: Ben Smith agrees with me, in his post “With Defenders Like These.”

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