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David is in Washington speaking to a large pro-life gathering, so I took the kids to see “The Tooth Fairy,” starring The Rock. If you recently saw the Alvin and the Chipmunks “Squeakquel” and feel you can never go back to a kids’ movie again without your therapist or a flask, then treat yourself to this new and fun Tooth Fairy flick. Read our review here.
So, I’m linking to, which is a new e-zine David and I are doing when we don’t want to talk politics. If you haven’t gone there and signed up, do it! We have great articles about things that are good, fun, and family-oriented. If you missed:
David’s admission that he’s always hated The Force in Star Wars, and why he prefers Avatar;
Or, how video games can actually be good for you;
Or, how Transformers (literally) changed someone’s life… and his name;
Or, my review of “It’s Complicated” here, which explains why I had conflicted feelings about this hilarious movie;
Or, why I think The Biggest Loser is one of the best shows on TV;
Or how kids’ picture books sometimes need to be put back on the shelves;
Or, what it’s like to be a Jeopardy champion before Ken Jennings breaks all your records;
Or, the latest movie reviews. Did you know, for example, that The Book of Eli is about a guy trying to protect his Bible?
You would have if you read Just saying.
You can’t read about politics all the time, now can you?

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