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David, thanks for explaining our straw poll effort back in 2006. However, there was a small mistake. You wrote:

Mitt did place second largely on the strength of the support organized by EFM (to be clear, however, this site didn’t exist at the time, and we hadn’t even settled on a name for our little endeavor), but Governor Romney did not pay for his votes. We raised money for the conference effort ourselves, using our own money and raising the rest through our network of friends.

However, you fail to remember my long-neglected website, Tennesseans for Mitt. (My photo there makes me look like I’m 12 — has it been that long?) That’s what we had going into the 2006 SRLC — I remember this because all of our tote bags had the website printed on the backs.
But we’ve been a long way since then. In fact, here’s my latest entry, which apparently was taken from an old EFM post:

We EFMers are hoping to meet in a nice and sunny location to discuss and pray about where to go from here. Charles will probably argue why we should turn this into “Evangelicals for McCain,” and I will try not to throw myself into oncoming traffic.
Please pray for us, that we would have direction, and forgive me for not jumping over to McCain very easily.
I’m just not ready.

Yes, it’s been a long time. Anyway, I just didn’t want anyone to forget about Tennesseans for Mitt — I promise it’ll be up and going soon. But the first thing I’m going to do is switch out that photo!

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