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Guys, we’ve spent three days in the hospital with our eleven year old daughter in what was probably a case of food poisoning. She’s going to be fine, but in the meantime, we missed the Romneys appearance on Fox TV’s “Fox and Friends.” Here’s an exchange:

CARLSON: Do you think that if you ran again for any political office that being a Mormon would be a political liability?
MITT ROMNEY: You know, I think it’s a liability for some and an advantage for others. For some people they look and say, “I like having an individual who’s a person of faith.” For some people it may be a liability if they feel it’s a faith that they’re not familiar with. But I frankly think for most Americans they don’t judge a candidate by what church they go to. They judge the candidate by the things they believe, their positions on issues, their capabilities, their skills.

I was going to say, “here’s an interesting exchange,” but I’m thinking that this line of questioning is so 2008. With the economy in the tank and the problems in Afghanistan, it just seems like people have other things to worry about than whether they theologically line up with their candidate of choice.

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