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Pawlenty spoke at CPAC and invoked the name of Mrs. Tiger Woods — saying Republicans could learn a great deal from her, when she took a golf club to Tiger Woods after his infidelity. Andrew thinks Pawlenty is a phony based on his CPAC speech:

Pawlenty’s understanding of theology, history, and golf-club weaponry is what it is, but when I read that the governor “appealed to the tea-party movement, calling its critics a ‘brie-eating’ elite from ‘Ivy League schools’ who don’t like ‘Sam’s Club Republicans’ who ‘actually like shopping at places like Wal-Mart,’” I thought just one thing: The guy’s a phony.
And patronizing, too. Good grief.

I didn’t hear it. Is there anyone in our audience who was there? (Nate?) How did it play in person?
UPDATE, from Nate on EFM’s new Facebook page:
“Nancy – I heard the 9-iron reference. I overall didn’t like bringing Woods or his wife into it. I thought the reference was in poor taste. Others who didn’t mind the reference may have thought it came off well in person. I didn’t think so.”

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