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Appropriate follow up to the below article about how the Romneys had flying trouble recently.
I’m in San Francisco, waiting on a (delayed) flight, hoping I’ll make my connection and regretting that I forgot my vow never to fly American Airlines again.
The French family philosophy for several years has been “If Southwest Doesn’t Fly There, You Don’t Need to Go.”
Yet, tempted by low fares, like Eve in the Garden, I yielded and bought an AA ticket. Never, never again. Please remind me.
Nevertheless, I was on a flight yesterday from Dallas to San Fran and had the best seatmates. The guy beside me had a ring in his pocket — he was going to the city to propose to his girlfriend! Instead of the normal cone of silence that I carefully cultivate by carrying a magazine, book, and laptop to dissuade talkative seatmates, we chatted. He was a San Francisco atheist who hated organized religion. To his left was a Jew born in Brooklyn, going to California to celebrate her 60th birthday, and the 97th birthday of her aunt. I, of course, was the heavily accented Southern evangelical traveling for business. We joked that the three of us were such obvious stereotypes that we needed to have our own television show.
At any rate, as I sit here stewing in regret at not flying Southwest, I am reminded of yesterday’s fun and energetic discussion with Bobby and Jane, people from different walks of life who had a three hour intersection that covered politics, religion, and the best shape of a diamond engagement ring.
At least no one took a swing at me.
No word on whether the proposal was successful. Will keep you posted.

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