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There are three names that cause the average Romney voter to cringe, if not let loose with a string of profanity:
1. Mike Huckabee
2. Charlie Crist
3. John McCain
(No, I’m sure you wouldn’t use bad language, I’m talking about those other Romney supporters.)
So, when Gov. Romney endorsed the struggling John McCain today, the e-mails from livid readers came flying in:

I think Governor Romney may have lost me this morning.
The announcement that he is endorsing McCain is another example of Mitt’s tin ear.


I do not like the fact that Romney is supporting McCain. McCain is a RINO and not conservative!

And all I can say is that I totally understand — and share — the visceral reaction against McCain.
Though I trust Gov. Romney’s instincts, I’ve not paid attention to the Arizona race other than to know that McCain was losing ground. David, can you help us understand the reasoning behind it?

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