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Gotten a lot of e-mails about why Gov. Romney did the right thing by endorsing McCain. Here is a portion of my most recent:

I agree with you. I can’t stand McCain… In fact, I would rank McCain higher on your cringe list than Charlie Crist.
At the same time, I think I agree with Mitt on endorsing McCain. If Romney is going to be President, he needs allies (or at least friendly faces) in the US Senate. Obama has proven that a President can’t do anything if he doesn’t LEAD the Congress and have people on his side. The next step is learning to lead in the right direction (which Obama has also not figured out).
Whether he is a RINO or not, McCain has shown himself to be (gulp here) an effective senator. In fact, all the reasons I think McCain would be a mediocre President make him a good senator.
That said, even if McCain loses and finally wanders off into the painfully hot Arizona sunset, Romney has supported the old guard and endeared himself to loyal McCain supporters around the country. And, he still has plenty of Freshman senators who owe him a favor or two…
To me, competent leadership is the first reason I support Romney. He is a conservative who also knows how to get things done and work with (gulp here) liberals. I don’t need every word that comes out of his mouth to be conservative “gospel” (because not everybody in this country is as conservative as I am). But, I know he will effectively lead this country back to the Right.
The majority in this country lean to the Right. If we can get a competent, pragmatic, intelligent leader to mobilize that majority, the next 4-8 years will look much brighter. I think Romney is that guy, and I think he was right to endorse the crotchety old senator from Arizona.
That’s my opinion. I hope I didn’t upstage David.

Thanks for all the e-mail. I think the EFM “Cringe List” ordering is debatable, but I’ve not yet had anyone contest the three who are on it!

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