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I just might have to disagree with Governor Romney in his assessment of the 2008 election. According to Glen Johnson (one must add that caveat), the Governor said:

I think that one of the things that’s very important in running a campaign is to make sure that you’re known for the things that really motivate you,” Romney said Wednesday. “And I needed to do a better job to focus my campaign on the economy and getting the economy right and creating jobs. And whether through my ads or through my responses to debate questions or on the stump, my power alley is the economy. I understand why jobs come, why they go.

While it is true that Governor Romney did very well focusing on the economy in the Michigan primary, Michigan has been in economic decline for a very long time. But let’s not forget that the 2008 primary occurred in pre-meltdown America. I’m just not sure that focusing on the economy before there was a perceived economic crisis (especially amongst Republican voters who were very, very tired of the Democrats talking down the economy over the last eight years) would have been any more successful than the Governor’s chosen overall theme in 2008.
Let’s not forget that his 2008 strategy came very close to succeeding . . . even with the unexpected Huckabee surge in Iowa and South Carolina. Heck, it could be argued that Mitt was one Charlie Crist endorsement away from the nomination.
Would focusing on the economy in early 2008 put him over the top? I’m not sure that it would.

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