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Thanks for all the notes while David’s in Korea. He’ll be home — Lord willing — tomorrow night. I came across an article about No Apologies, which is not a book review. But, it has some good insights:

Gov. Romney wrote the book himself. To be sure, he solicited suggestions, advice, and edits from a range of advisors and friends (“No Apology” has two pages of acknowledgments) but the book says what Romney wanted to say in the way he wanted to say it.
More than most politicians, Mitt Romney cares about ideas and how they are communicated. He’s also an intellectually and emotionally secure human being. He enjoys debate, welcomes challenges to his positions, and is constantly reaching out for new information. If Governor Romney should reach the White House, no one in his Administration will be discouraged from telling the President to his face that he is wrong. But anyone who does that had better be thoroughly prepared, because Romney has thought about what he believes, and he understands a broad range of issues at a depth that is unusual for someone who has spent most of his life outside of politics.
In short, “No Apology” is Mitt Romney’s personal statement.

Read more here.
Have you guys already read it? I have given copies away — here and in person — and haven’t had a chance to read it yet! But I’m looking forward to it.
Almost as much as I’m looking forward to David getting home… but not quite.

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