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Yes, you read that correctly. We’re actually co-sponsoring the largest gathering of Republicans in the country this year. I know this raises a host of questions, so below I present the “EFM SRLC FAQ” (hey, I’m in the military, so I can’t live without acronyms.)
Q: You guys are sponsoring the conference? Why haven’t I seen you on the conference sponsor page?
A: Yes, we are sponsoring, and no we haven’t been on the sponsor page by our own request. Nancy and I both have day jobs, and public sponsorship would have been extremely distracting. We’re sponsoring the conference to have a presence at the conference, not before the conference.

Q: Ok, so you’ll have a presence at the conference. What does that mean?

A: Every attendee will get EFM materials, including a chapter of Governor Romney’s new book, a custom-designed piggy bank (it will make sense when you see it), and some other treats. We’ll also have a booth at the site and will give away literally hundreds of copies of Mitt’s book to attendees on a first-come, first-served basis at the conference’s “Taste of Louisiana” party. Oh, and we’ll have prime space right next to Sean Hannity.

Q: Is Mitt going to be there?

A: Nope.

Q: Are you guys really doing this on your own; or is Mitt controlling it all from behind the scenes.

A: We’re actually crazy enough to do this on our own, and I don’t even know if Governor Romney knows were doing it . . . unless he reads our site.

Q: Isn’t it expensive to sponsor the conference?

A: Yep.

Q: So where did you get your money?

A: We spent some of our own money (gulp), but we mostly raised it from good friends.
Q: Really? Who were they?
A: We left it up to them to come forward if they wanted to.
Q: Were any of your “good friends” named Mitt Romney?
A: Nope.
Q: Ok, so . . . why? He’s not even going to be at the conference. Why would you do this?
A: That’s an easy call. We formed EFM in 2006 because we believed that the Governor was the right man for the presidency in 2008, and we believe it even more now. Peruse my post archive. Take a look at Nancy’s. Read our support statement, or look at Mitt on the issues. With Mitt not coming to this year’s SRLC, we thought it was vitally important that someone be at the conference to “show the flag” and speak to fellow Republicans about the guy who should be our nominee two years from now. The bottom line? We want to encourage him to run.
Q: You guys even gave away conference registrations to Mitt supporters, right?
A: Yep.
Q: How many Mitt supporters will be there?
A: We’ll find out when we get there!
Q: Aren’t you nervous about all the health care questions? After all, “RomneyCare” is controversial these days!
A: We welcome that debate. Heck, I can even sum up the differences between RomneyCare and ObamaCare in a mere two sentences.

Q: I have carpal tunnel syndrome and don’t like to click links. What are the two sentences?

A: Here they are:

In Massachusetts, Mitt Romney balanced the budget then reached across the aisle to create a popular health reform program that was specifically designed for the unique needs of his state. Barack Obama, on the other hand, created a huge new entitlement program in an era of record deficits by ramming a possibly unconstitutional, one-size-fits all mandate through a reluctant congress and over the expressed objections of a majority of the American people.

Q: Wow, that makes sense. Your powers of persuasion make me want to ask even more questions!
A: Find me at the convention. I’ll be the bald lawyer wearing a black “Romney” cap. Let’s chat then.

On to New Orleans!

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