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Apparently, “Californians Against Hate” is targeting Gov. Romney because of his stance against gay marriage, and the LDS church’s reputation for donating money to fight gay marriage. This is not news. In fact, check out the picture of the protesters in this article. They don’t look a very intimidating crowd. In fact, they’re not really a “crowd” per se. More like a “few.” Nevertheless, I appreciated how grandiose they believe their efforts are, including this:

We received a number of cars honking their support as they drove by,” said protester Dan Ness. “We also saw one elderly woman flip us off as she drove by with a Romney sticker on her car.”

Okay, so fess up California EFM readers. Did anyone see anyone doing anything at all against these people? I just don’t believe there’s a little old lady in California who has a Romney sticker on her car who uses obscene hand gestures toward the few protesters who showed up to fight against… what was it? Oh right… “hate.”
In other news, anyone going to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference? We’ll be there! Find us and say hello if you’d like!
Daniel Ness, whom I quoted above, wrote it to tell me that I was wrong to disparage his claim that he was flipped off at the Romney book event. On second thought, he’s probably right, and I’m sorry.
He writes:

You are correct in that there were only a few protesters at the event. Most of the people driving by did not respond to our signs at all. Many honked as they drove by usually with a thumbs up sign or smile. There were a number of cars with Romney stickers on them exiting from the book signing. Of those, only one made any acknowledgment of us that I saw. Note that I did not say that most, many or even a few Romney supporters were rude or used obscene gestures. It was not a “little old lady” as you suggest but a grandmotherly looking woman who was quite large leaning across a female teenager in the passenger seat to extend her middle finger out the open passenger window of her car. It was a memorable part of the evening and a reminder of the “hate” that the organization sponsoring the protest is trying to challenge. 
I appreciate your desire to minimize any opposition to your candidate, but suggesting that I am lying is an attempt to damage the integrity of those who disagree with you. And as I learned in elementary school, when you attempt to damage someone else’s integrity, you just end up hurting your own. 
Daniel Ness

NANCY ADDS: I shouldn’t have instinctively disbelieved his claim since all groups are comprised of people of various levels of moral qualities. (Even Romney supporters, though I think we are a rather superb bunch.) I do think it’s extreme hyperbole and dishonest to say the group is protesting “hate” when they oppose those who advocate for traditional marriage. But that is a different topic, and he had a point about casting doubt on the incident in the article.
Sorry, Daniel!

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