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Nancy, my favorite part of The Fix post you link below is this: “And, he avoids sounding off on every issue under the sun.”
As an incurable blogger married to an incurable blogger this is probably our point of greatest personal departure from Mitt. I’d love to sit down with him one day and ask, “How do you not talk; because that’s one thing I’ve never figured out.” I tend to speak now and apologize later rather than just keep my mouth shut (And don’t talk to me about various biblical verses that directly apply to such a practice. I’m working on it!) But then again, I’m not a future president.
Mitt’s course of action, however, strikes me as exactly what a future president should do. You don’t have to wade into the weeds on every issue. In fact, it was Obama’s pre-campaign verbosity about — well, just about everything — that deprives him of so much credibility today. Withdraw from Iraq in 18 months? Close Gitmo? End rendition? Is there an aspect of the Bush administration that he didn’t eviscerate?
But then he gained power and had to ask himself tough questions like, “If we don’t put those guys in Gitmo, then where do they go?” And he had tough choices to make like, “Who should actually interrogate the recently captued military leader of the Taliban? Us or the Pakistanis?” Faced with reality, the campaign rhetoric and the endless moralizing, start to sound hollow. He now relies almost entirely on a complicit press to escape accountability for his rank hypocrisy.
For now, Governor Romney is choosing the best path. The campaign will come soon enough.

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