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So, I met some very nice Christian folks in 2007 who were Fred Thompson supporters.
Because they were kind, decent, caring people, I had one conversation after another with them about Gov. Romney and why they should support him. (Many of you remember I was a little zealous about his candidacy last time… and you only saw me through the computer screen. In person I may have been unbearable.) But being a Romney supporter in Tennessee was like being a Thompson supporter in Utah. I was a little lonely back before the field was narrowed down.
No matter how many times we talked, however, this couple was resolute. There was nothing I could do or say that would get them to support Gov. Romney. When it became obvious that Fred Thompson was not running for President — instead he was strolling for President — I had my chance.
The next time I saw them at the school basketball practice, I gently brought the subject up again. Okay, maybe I taunted them. “Ready for Romney now?”
Not a chance. Now they were Huckabee supporters. You read that correctly.
At that point, I was a little undone. Huckabee support was a dealbreaker for me emotionally. I just couldn’t see how anyone could choose Gov. Huckabee over Gov. Romney, especially after the moderate charm of his Southern accent gave way to the stubborn facts of his fiscal and legal record.
“What if Huckabee drops out,” I asked hypothetically.
“We’ll support McCain,” they said.
That’s when I knew this line of conversation was over.
We barely talked for years.
Last week, I saw them and we exchanged pleasantries.
“Is Romney gonna run?” they asked.
People ask me this, as if I have any inside scoop. I always say the same thing.
“I really hope so.” Then, I braced myself for whatever political conversation was going to come next.
I was surprised when they both responded. “We do too.”
I tried not to let my face show shock.
“We were wrong last time,” they said. “We just didn’t think it through. But we are Romney supporters now.”
I couldn’t get to the point to ask them what changed their minds, but they went on to talk about the economy. But this was my “Aha!” moment… standing there with these people after years of political tension.
Maybe this is happening all over America?
I guess we’ll see… but I found it immensely gratifying!

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