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David Frum wrote a slightly critical piece on Gov. Huckabee earlier, to which Mike himself penned a response. Frum stated that the Arkansas governor was not politically discerning when it came to policy, that his religious appeal wasn’t large enough, and that he was socially out of touch with modern America. Huckabee wrote back, and said, in part, this:
“I have not been critical of Mormons nor of Mitt Romney’s religion.”
Which is interesting, considering just this one fact — and there are others. Remember when the ordained Southern Baptist minister asked that New York Times Sunday Magazine, “Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?”
Are we supposed to believe he was just being spiritually inquisitive, and figured the reporter might know more about it than he did? Even though he described himself as being “the only Republican candidate with a degree in theology?” (Though he doesn’t have that degree, after all. Oops!)
Anyway, frequently, people who are not impressed by Gov. Huckabee’s economic record (or his laxity when it comes to letting convicted criminals out of jail), will say to me, “He just needs to go back to the pulpit.”
However, this is the last place we need people who play so loose with the truth.

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