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As I sit here at the breakfast table, I thought I’d finally had a breakthrough with Naomi over food. Almost everything is new to her, and she has rebelled again (of all things) bacon and sausage and eggs. Basically anything that gives protein before lunch. Anyway, I thought I’d won because she asked for more sausage, but as I took up her dishes, I saw several sausages hidden in her milk.
Oh well… Anyway, this was interesting to me… and good news for Republicans who support the guy who’s economically so strong. Chris Cillizza reports:

Six in ten Americans say they are likely to look around for someone new in the fall election according to the latest Washington Post/ABC national poll, an ominous sign for incumbents with the 2010 midterms less than four months off.
Sixty percent of all adults — and 62 percent of registered voters — said they preferred to look around at their options while 25 percent of adults and 26 percent of registered voters said they planned to cast a vote to re-elect their incumbent.
While the numbers don’t represent significant change from the Post/ABC June poll — 29 percent re-elect/60 percent look around — they do signal a sustained disinterest among the public to simply default to their incumbent.
Compare where the electorate stands on the question to how they felt in the immediate run-up to the 1994 election — the first midterm of Bill Clinton’s presidency that saw Republicans regain control of the House for the first time in four decades. In a late October Post/ABC poll that year, 37 percent of registered voters said they planned to vote to re-elect their incumbent while 56 percent said they were looking around.
Other data points in the latest Post/ABC survey make clear the volatility within the electorate — thanks is large part to worry and unhappiness about the economy.
Just one in ten described the state of the economy as either “excellent” or “good” while just one in four adults said that they believed the economy was getting better.
Those numbers — combined with an erosion of confidence in President Barack Obama [] — should rightly worry Democrats who are seeking to preserve their House and Senate majorities this fall.
While voter unrest doesn’t fall more heavily on either party in the Post/ABC poll, Democrats control a significantly larger chunk of seats in both chambers so the more voters express a willingness to try something new, the more it hurts Democrats.

Try something new? You hear that, Naomi?

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