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Charles, thanks for pointing this quote out. Here’s the context:

“What do people think when they think about Republicans? What’s the stereotype?” he asked. “We’re all CEOs or sons or daughters of CEOs. We play polo on the weekends. We never got our fingernails dirty. We drink Chablis and eat brie. Uh, that’s not my story, and it’s not the story for the Tea Party, and it’s not the story for most Republicans.”

I’m about as Republican you can be, and I’ve never played polo, been to a match, or even known one person who’s ever played polo. Charles, you are young and hip. Do you have boots in the closet and a horse in the backyard?
(Neither do I drink Chablis or eat brie that I know of. Unless I’m at one of those parties with the cheese trays and you need something to munch on while chatting.) But the polo thing seems a little bit like a stretch, no?

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