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So, when I see a headline like that, I have to click on it. The Atlantic has this teaser:

ROMNEY’S RELIGION: Did evangelicals vote against Mitt Romney in Iowa because he was a Mormon? Political journalists say yes; our evidence is mostly impressionistic. In the peer-reviewed Journal of Media and Religion, two Brigham Young University scholars found that 50 percent of religion coverage in the 2008 campaign focused on Romney and Mormonism, while 30 percent of Romney’s coverage itself was about his membership in the Mormon Church. The full study costs $30 and is titled “Mitt Romney’s Religion: A Five Factor Model for Analysis of Media Representation of Mormon Identity.”

I’ll totally shell out the $30 for this one… but I’m a little behind on a few other projects. (Like editing our next book… potty training Naomi, etc.) Charles? I’ll buy!

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