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I’m still chewing over David’s latest SixSeeds piece, particularly given that when I worked for him he told me I should go home at 5:00 and that my wife and I recently decided to move to Pennsylvania in part so I can do less overnight travel when we have a family. (That’s slated for February, by the way.) Let me add to the mix, though, a commentary that came across my desk the other day from John Piper’s organization, Desiring God. The money paragraph, in my judgment:

Do not think that you can simply take your family to church for a couple hours a week and then forsake the means of sanctification in the home. Just as pastors who forsake the public means of grace destroy their flock, so do fathers destroy their children who neglect spiritual disciplines in the home. It might actually be worse because it teaches them hypocrisy—that the Christian faith consists of maintaining moral duties in public while neglecting personal holiness. It would be better for you to be a pagan than for Christ’s gospel to be so profaned.

I don’t even have (born) kids yet, and I’m already guilty of “neglect[ing] spiritual disciplines in the home.” Leaving at 5 (something I’ve not done since I worked for David) doesn’t make that happen automatically, but leaving at 7, 8, or 9 sure makes it tougher, no?
Frenches? Readers? Discuss!

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