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Dear Friends,
Hope you are all having a great weekend. I was cleaning out my inbox, and came across this Esquire piece which interviewed Newton Leroy Gingrich’s ex-wife. (Yes, I just noticed that was his name. Williard Mitt who?) It begins:

She was married to Newt Gingrich for eighteen years, all through his spectacular rise and fall, and here she is in a pair of blue jeans and a paisley shirt, with warm eyes and a big laugh and the kind of chain-smoking habit where the cigarettes burn right down to the filter — but she’s quitting, she swears, any day now.

Read the rest here. I’ve not read it yet, for lack of time, but I wanted you guys to be up-to-date on all the political goings-on.
Secondly, thanks so much for all the notes lately! The man who wrote me the note critical of the Salon article also wrote and did not intend to come across so harshly. All is well!
Lastly, my new edition of is up! Here are some highlights:

My Niece, Dora the Explorer
(yes, you read that right… by Dora’s real life uncle) — Leave a comment and you might possibly win a Dora DVD for your young Dora fans!
Box Office Battle of the Sexes: Eat, Pray, Love versus The Expendables. Which wins?
Your Family: Hobbits or Rangers? Okay, this one is by your favorite EFM writer David French (okay, your second favorite?) and is a tad controversial. Leave us a comment, there are a number of hostile ones stacking up!
The Mentor Leader debuts! This is Tony Dungy’s newest book — my friend Nathan Whitaker is his co-author… Have you gotten your copy?
Advice from you guys… Have any of you bought Tempur Pedic mattresses? Are they worth the cost?
Okay, that’s all I got today. David’s doing his Army service this weekend, Naomi is asleep, and Austin just taught me to Sudoku. So, busy lives.

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