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From a reader:

Here’s something of which you might want to be aware (and about which you may well already have heard):
And here is a note that I sent to Pastor Reed’s church in Reno, and copied to Ms. Angle’s campaign:

Pastor Reed’s comments about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were not only inflammatory, they were deeply misguided and appallingly ignorant.
Sadly, I’ve come to expect such behavior from some members of the conservative Protestant community.
But the timing of Pastor Reed’s remarks was also unfortunate.
I am a very committed conservative, as well as a very committed Latter-day Saint. I disagree with Senator Harry Reid on nearly every significant legislative issue. But if I were living in Nevada right now, I would be considering very seriously whether, if elements of the evangelical community are seeking to turn this November’s election into a referendum on my faith, I should vote for him nonetheless. As it is, I may well send a contribution to his campaign.
Shame on Pastor Reed.

This matter is extraordinarily irritating to me. I resent my faith being traduced and defamed. And I’m infuriated by any attempt to impose a theological litmus test on candidates for public office; my family, friends, fellow-believers, and I live in a republic, and we are not second-class citizens.
That aside, though, I’m genuinely unsure what impact, if any, this episode will have on the very, very close Angle/Reid race. Pastor Reed’s remarks could help to energize Sharron Angle’s evangelical base sufficiently — in a holy war to eject the homicidal Mormon cultist, with his crazy religious beliefs, from the Senate — to put her over the top in a narrow victory on election day. Or, alternatively, it could so anger the significant and typically Republican Mormon population of Nevada that they will either vote for Senator Reid against their political preferences or simply sit on their hands, thus handing Ms. Angle a narrow defeat. (If she loses even a tiny proportion of the Mormon vote in Nevada, that could be fatal to her candidacy.) Both possibilities leave me feeling more than a little depressed.
Thanks for all you do. I admire your efforts very, very much.

Thank you for your notes, as always. David and I are with the family on vacation — our first since getting Naomi! We’re having a great time. Nevertheless, I wrote back to this reader and explained that I was so sorry about this pastor’s remarks. And added:

Of course, I would be nice to you now that I know that there are Mormon death squads. I had no idea.

The reader responds:

You’re absolutely right that you had better be nice to me. Come the Mormon theocracy under Brother Romney, anybody who has ever been less than utterly obsequious toward me and any other Mormon is going to regret it, big time. We have death squads, and we have long memories. (Not to mention the little electronic remote-control devices that are implanted in the backs of our heads.) Mwahahahaha!
Incidentally, here is a column from today’s Las Vegas Sun — by its publisher/editor, no less — on Pastor Reed’s comments about Harry Reid’s church and their possible political fall-out. This is so distressing, on so many levels.

Okay, guys — I just wanted you all to be aware of this, and I was amused by this reader’s sense of humor. Have a great Monday!

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