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You may have noticed that our posting pace hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. There’s a couple reasons — good reasons — for this. First, for the three main EFM bloggers, our world has gotten a lot busier since our huge burst of activity at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Charles has changed jobs and moved, Nancy and I have added a beautiful toddler to our family, and my day job grows ever more demanding.
But those are just excuses, really. If there’s one thing that each one of us can do, it’s blog. We can practically blog in our sleep by this point. The main reason why we’re not blogging quite so much is simple: We’re waiting and watching.
This is one of the most fascinating mid-term elections in my lifetime. We’re in the midst of a conservative voter insurgency unlike anything I’ve seen in my 41 years. In 1994, there was a Republican insurgency. In 2010, we have a true conservative insurgency, first against mainstream Republicans (in the primaries) and now against the Democrats. Simply put, I have no idea how this is all going to turn out, and until I see what happens in November, it’s tough to say anything meaningful about 2012.
Honestly, I feel more politically hopeful and energized than I have in a long, long time. Those of us who are more or less full-time activists always long for folks to “get involved” to “speak up,” and now they are. By the millions. Perhaps I’m getting a taste of the enthusiasm the Dems felt two years ago as their grassroots suddenly caught fire.
I can say this, however (and I’ve been saying it for a long time), so long as fiscal issues dominate the agenda, I truly believe that our guy is the person who can bridge the gap between the Republican establishment and the tea party insurgency. Our guy is the one with the record of rescuing a state from fiscal oblivion, and no one has his career-long economic record.
But what if the news and economic cycle move on? What if triumphs in 2010 make us arrogant and lead to the kind vicious infighting we saw in the 2008 primary — when, despite all evidence to the contrary, many Republicans seemed to take for granted that voters wouldn’t pull the lever for Hillary or Obama? What if another candidate “pulls a Huckabee” and essentially launches a kamikaze campaign against Mitt?
There’s so much we don’t know and won’t know until after this November. So hang in there, work hard to depose Nancy Pelosi, and then get ready . . . we’ve got a presidential election to win.

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