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Our friend Orit Sklar — who was a Jew for Mitt during the last election! — was on CNN before the historic election. Here is her explanation of how it came to be:

Right before heading into the GPB studios (where all cell phones have to be turned off) for the final debates between the candidates for Agriculture Commissioner, Lt. Gov, and Governor, I received a call asking if I could be down at the CNN studios in an hour for a live segment on what role the female candidates running and the sexist — their words, not mine — language injected into the political discourse would have on the women’s vote and the election overall.

So, remember, Orit had no time to prepare for this — she speaks well, looks great, and refuses to let these people stuff identity politics down her throat. Watch it here:

Why is this an important conversation, even after the election? Because we stand firmly against identity politics. Blacks don’t have to vote for blacks, women don’t have to vote for women, and evangelicals don’t have to vote for the candidate who could most likely fill in when their Sunday School teacher gets the flu.
Great job, Orit!

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