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Q: How nuts is Governor Romney’s home state?
A: So nuts that for the Boston Globe, “the heartland” is one of those places that is appropriately preceded by the word “even.” See today’s editorial (emphasis added):

Second, Romneycare may not prove to be the liability that conservatives predict. John McCain, dragging an unpopular immigration-reform proposal, won the party’s nod in 2008 precisely by refusing to toggle too far to the right. (He later capitulated in his Senate race.) While new-to-the-scene politicians with cut-everything platforms may be the GOP flavor of the moment because they make great vehicles to protest President Obama, even the heartland might balk at electing one of them president. Meanwhile, the new GOP leadership in the House will have to decide whether to seek a full repeal of Obama’s plan. They probably won’t, and will instead craft a middle position, one that Romney can then comfortably adopt as his own.

This kind of snobbery only strengthens my thesis that Romneycare was the best Gov. Romney and the Heritage Foundation (upon which he called for help and from which he borrowed key ideas) could do in left-wing Massachusetts. I mean, come on. Could you work with these people?
(And yes, as EFM’s newest resident of the heartland, I do feel qualified to opine on this topic.)

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