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Of course, this is a little early, but why not have a little fun dreaming of the day President Obama is — like many Americans — out of a job?
Chris Cillizza’s top ten list is as follows:
10. Marco Rubio
9. Mike Pence
8. Mike Huckabee
7. Mitch Daniels
6. Newt Gingrich
5. John Thune
4. Haley Barbour
3. Tim Pawlenty
2. Sarah Palin
And drumroll, please…

1. Mitt Romney: Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, spent the entire 2008 cycle trying to win over skeptics with a be-everywhere-do-everything, Energizer Bunny sort of approach to the presidential race. His style in advance of the 2012 race has been strikingly different; Romney has picked his issues — economic ones, mostly — carefully and avoided wading into every fight with President Obama or intraparty squabble. The goal seems clear: to make Romney look like the adult in the room. And, to date, it’s worked well — establishing him as a candidate of serious purposes who won’t be distracted by the shiny objects thrown in front of him. Romney also has, by far, the most intricate and able political and financial organization in the race — a machine that can instantly be turned on whenever he decides to announce for president. Challenges remain, most notably explaining to Republican primary voters why the healthcare bill he passed in Massachusetts is different from what Congress passed earlier this year.

Read the descriptions of the others here.

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