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Chris Cillizza has an interesting take on the new constellation in Washington now, as it pertains to future Presidential candidates. He says that Gov. Romney is making it clear he isn’t part of the Washington crowd and is presenting himself as a clear alternative to President Obama. That means he’s not afraid to come out against the tax compromise and START.
But is it politically risky to triangulate against your own party? He writes:

…most notably that in so doing they create a cadre of people willing to speak ill of them to other politicians and, as importantly, the media.
But, in a political environment like this one, making enemies in Washington might not be seen as such a bad thing. Voters, especially Republican primary voters, are very skeptical about their own party leadership in Washington and could well respond positively to a candidate who purposely runs against that group.
Triangulation then may be the name of the game for would-be 2012 candidates in the coming months.

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