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I’m seeing quite a few stories like this one from the Washington Times indicating that the GOP nomination race is “wide open.”
I agree and disagree. Obviously at this point in the cycle it’s virtually impossible to predict the political twists and turns of the next twelve to fourteen months. What will be the state of the economy? What will be the national mood regarding Iraq and Afghanistan? Will there be any gaffes? Any scandals?
As for the potential candidates themselves, we’re aware (in general) of many of their strengths and weaknesses. And, yes, I fully understand that Mitt will have to survive vigorous attacks on his Massachusetts health care plan.
But on the other hand . . . if the race is so wide open, why are so many bright conservative stars taking themselves out of the running? John Thune and Mike Pence — two great conservative legislators — have taken themselves out of the race, and Chris Christie, the YouTube sensation (I admit it; I’m addicted to Chris Christie videos), tells anyone who’ll listen that he’s not running.
And Mike Huckabee? No one seems to know whether he’ll run our not, with some smart pundits saying he won’t.
The “wide open” field is narrowing already, and if Mike Huckabee declines to run, then the field will lose a favorite even before they load into the starting gate.

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