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So, after a two hour drive in the driving snow, a flight, a train ride, and a Metro ride on the Red Line, I’m finally in Washington, sitting in the audience at CPAC while Mitch McConnell speaks. (You know you are at CPAC when he has girls screaming “Woo hoo!” at him from the crowd.)
Time magazine reported on this conference this morning, and mentioned our group “Evangelicals for Mitt:”

For all its lumps, CPAC remains the premiere annual gathering of activists on the right. Its hotel ballrooms are the cathedrals in which the conservative faithful congregate, ambitious Republican lawmakers evangelize from the pulpit, and a straw poll is taken to determine whom the party should canonize with its presidential nomination. The poll is more a measure of attendance than electoral viability though. Candidates sometimes buy up hundreds of tickets and give them to supporters to tip the scales, while groups like “Students For Daniels” and “Evangelicals for Mitt” press their case among attendees. Ron Paul won last year’s straw poll not because he was the anointed frontrunner, but because his disciples had the strongest showing.

Let me set the record straight. While we have organized at other conferences (in 2006 in Memphis at the SRLC, in 2007 at the Values Voters Conference, and in 2010 in New Orleans at the SRLC), we aren’t doing anything here. I am the only one from our group here, while Charles tends to his pregnant wife, and David tends to our three kids. But I’m here, and I cannot wait to hear Gov. Romney speak tomorrow!

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