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This new poll is intriguing:

A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows Mitt Romney edging Barack Obama in a 2012 matchup, while Mike Huckabee ties the POTUS.
Other potential Republican nominees don’t fare as well.
a. Mitt Romney 44% Barack Obama 42%
b. Mike Huckabee 43% Barack Obama 43%
c. Barack Obama 47% Newt Gingrich 39%
d. Barack Obama 49% Sarah Palin 38%.
e. Barack Obama 44% Ron Paul 35%.

It’s fascinating that Mitt does better than all other contenders despite (or because of?) the fact he’s been perhaps the least publicly visible. Huckabee has his own television show, Newt is constantly in the public eye, and Sarah Palin dominates the public square more than any other political leader except the President. Mitt seems to be picking his spots and moments, and that strategy is working.
Like I said, these numbers don’t mean much, but I like them anyway.

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