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Surely you’ve heard the chatter about President Obama’s ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, resigning to explore a run for president.

A few thoughts:

  1. Remember the old joke (told by the man himself) about Sen. McCain’s base? You know, the media? Right.
    1. There’s only room in this race for one “sober, reality-based” (according to the media) candidate , and Gov. Daniels is much more viable.
  2. If you thought the backbiting from some fringe Massachusetts conservatives (as opposed to the folks who were in the trenches with him on same-sex marriage and came to love him) regarding Gov. Romney was bad last time, wait until the real base from Utah gets going on its former governor. I’ve met some of those guys and they have no patience for Amb. Huntsman. I remember the rejoicing when he left for China.
    1. If you thought the (misguided, largely false) “flip flopping” meme regarding Gov. Romney was bad last time, wait’ll the national base gets going on the guy who just got done working for President Obama.
  3. No comments about how Amb. Huntsman is just running to make the other Mormon with amazing hair look better. He supported Sen. McCain last time. No LDS conspiracy here.

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