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E-mail from Bob in California:

I am glad Governor Romney is starting to take the Healthcare issue head on.
It got me to thinking that Mitt could simply say. Hey we’re Americans. We try stuff. If some stuff doesn’t work we try different stuff until we find the stuff that works!
Thomas Edison tried 1000 ways to make a light bulb before he found one that worked.
Henry Ford failed and was bankrupted five times before we was a success
R.H. Macy tried seven times before his store caught on.
Finally I’d like him to point out the great thing about America is that we have fifty independent laboratories each trying different things. When one of them gets it right the others will copy their success. That is another thing we do in America. We copy other’s success. In Massachusetts we tried it one way. If Rhode Island or Florida or Texas or Iowa or New Hampshire finds a better way Massachusetts can copy that. That is unless the federal government steps in and says. “Stop what you are doing. We know what is best. Do it our way!”

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