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Chris Cillizza at The Washington Post had an interesting article about dissatisfaction in the GOP field.
But what if no one new pops up to wow America’s conservatives? What if the GOP field is already set?

“…a lack of late entries favors the current frontrunner — former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney — as GOP primary voters are forced to make a decision more with their heads (electability) than their hearts.
In a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released last week Romney led a crowded 2012 ballot with 21 percent of the vote. But when the pollsters narrowed the field to only those candidates likely to run, Romney jumped to 40 percent and a 20-point lead over former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
Those numbers suggest that once voters end their flirtation with the various not-likely-to-run candidates and/or some of the second and third tier competitors drop out, Romney will be the prime beneficiary.

Cillizza might be overstating the amount of dissatisfaction amongst conservatives, since most folks aren’t paying attention to the 2012 race quite yet. However, he concludes that “it’s likely that GOP primary voters will have roughly the choices they have right now in terms of candidates.”
And you know what? That’s just fine… because there’s one candidate who will have strength across the entire Republican spectrum and unite the GOP to beat President Obama next time around.

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