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From a reader:

Thanks for posting the bit about Ann Romney. As long as it does not endanger her health I would really like to see Ann front and center during the campaign. She has the charisma Mitt sometimes lacks. When being interviewed together I like to watch Mitt when Ann is talking. The unfeigned love in his eyes is enough to make me misty eyed. One of the things that keeps me coming back to Mitt as a candidate is his sincere love and devotion to his wife. Ever since the Clinton years I’ve said a man who cannot keep his vows to his wife cannot be trusted to keep his promises to anyone. Now I’ll add that any man who sincerely loves his wife cannot love his country less.
I also remember during the last presidential election cycle there was a broadcast event where all the candidates wives, republican and democrat, were on stage taking questions from a moderator and discussing issues. Ann was quite outspoken and frankly overshadowed the other wives. It made me think “Now there is someone who has had years of practice trying to get a word in edgewise in a Mormon sunday school class.”

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