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Hey, Nancy?  Speaking of guys not running for president…

Remember this?

And this?

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5 Responses to Ahem

  1. J L Fuller says:

    As a Mormon, one thing that has turned me around completely from my previous position, is the way so many Evangelicals have put theological differences aside when it comes to what is best for our nation. In my area of the nation, the west, there is a strong anti-Mormon contingent that arises out of Evangelicalism. It colors just about everything Evangelicals have to say or do with LDS folks. LDS kids are hammered in school, particpants in sports get jeered and subtle discrimnation occurs in many places of emplyment. My dislike for Evangelicals has been colored by my personal experiecne. Yet in this anda couple of other political sites, the theological differences seem to be put aside. For that I am grateful. I am hopeful that our nation can come together and do what is best for everyone.

  2. Pamela says:

    My comment is directed to you JL Fuller. I tend to disagree with you on the west. Having lived in UT, ID, AZ and OR, I have not found a strong anti-Mormon contingent in the least. A couple of instances in the last 25 years here in OR, but that is it. When Gordon Smith ran here eons ago, his Mormonism was barely mentioned as fact, let alone as an objection.

    Anyway, what should we do about people like this?
    Hopefully he is in the small minority. He makes Keller look rather mild!

    Here is another rant from the last election:
    So many lies, so little time!

    No one should be surprised that he supported Huckabee for precisely religious reasons.
    “But the Romney supporters,I fear, will be judged by history as having sold-out their Christian birthright for a mess of Mormon porridge. ”

    I really don’t know what to say about people like this. It’s very frustrating.

    • Charles Mitchell says:

      Pamela, many thanks for the pointer to Warren Cole Smith’s article. I responded to it this morning.

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