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While in Israel I’ve still tried to follow conservative commentary about the 2012 race, and I’ve been relieved to finally see some good pushback against the absurd “weak field” meme that’s been dominating the discussion.  Ramesh Ponnuru and Jay Cost make the entirely sensible point that popular conservative governors (Romney, Pawlenty, and Huntsman) with solid records aren’t “weak” opponents for Barack Obama — especially if the economy stays where it is, with high unemployment, weak growth, and catastrophic deficits.

But of course the summer before the race really starts is the silly season for conservatives who yearn for their political messiah.  As Ponnuru notes, the yearnings of ’07 turned into the disappointing real-life candidacy of Fred Thompson (in hindsight, I feel sorry for Fred; no one could have fulfilled all the expectations placed on his shoulders).

You would hope that America would have learned some hard lessons after the fevered idealism of the Obama campaign — where a near-religious fervor whipped Democratic voters into an emotional frenzy.  Listening to some conservatives, I fear they’ve learned the wrong lesson: that they need a frenzy of their own.

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2 Responses to Enough With the “Weak Field” Nonsense

  1. gene hand says:

    I noticed today that the conservaitve “God” Rushnamed a bunch of candidates that Obama would not want to face
    and he avoided Romney !
    Rush is okay , of course, but he doean’t speak for me ! Ona mpersonal level he doesn’t have his ducks in a row !
    Why? !
    Oh here comes the godess of the GOP —Sarah ! C’mon Sarah join the circus and get involved in the REAL debates !
    So maybe the fairly dense voters of the GOP primaries can see how intelligent you are not!
    I guess I am the only male voter of the GOP who is not in love with Sarah ?! She turns me off from the beginning.
    when Mc cain chose her Mitt said they lowered the bar (in other words she didn’t have to debate for all of the primaries ! I am sick and tired of so many people whining on her behalf. she thinks the office of Prez is gonna
    be 2.5 years of Alaska ! she is mostly huff n’ puff! Her daughter is a ding a ling, her husband is a run na round ?
    Hey Sarah reintroduce your self to your family !
    The INdependents, moderates will not vote for her………if she gets the nomination…Hello 4 more years to Obama.

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